The Location


Porto Venere is an amazing sea-village on the Ligurian sea located on the west coast of the Poet's Gulf while on the eastern side stands the beautiful Lerici; 2 pearls of rare beauty in the same place!

The gulf was given this name because many Italian and foreign poets ( the English romantic poets; Shelley and Byron, just to mention some) ravished by its extraordinary beauty came here in search of inspiration, they liked it so much that some of them decided even to settle down.



Porto Venere dates back to the VI century B.C., its name derives from the goddess' name, Venus Ericine, whose temple was built in the same place where now stands the Church of Saint Peter, unanimously recognized for its high aesthetic value as well as for its historical and architectural interest.

Porto Venere is just in front of the Palmaria island and together with the isles of Tino and Tinetto, is part of the " Regional Natural Park of Portovenere" .

Just behind Porto Venere there are the world- wide known 5Terre where it is possible to go either by taking one of the frequent and numerous ferry-boats departing from the harbour or by renting a small boat to feel free and more independent to enjoy the local beauties.

Where we are


Villa Argia

Villa Argia faces the sea overlooking the Bay of Portovenere, 1km from the village. The address is : Via Olivo 173 - Portovenere (SP)

The apartment

The apartment is located in Via Garibaldi n°88 - Portovenere (SP)